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Vonix: Simple Crypto Tradingis now Yours

The need for a beginner-friendly crypto exchange platform is truly undeniable. All they need is something to help them with their daily trading activity. As a result, we helped Vonix to answer those great demands.

Simple Crypto Trading is now Yours
Simple Crypto Trading is now Yours
Simple Crypto Trading is now Yours
Simple Crypto Trading is now Yours
Simple Crypto Trading is now Yours
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Vonix is a new cryptocurrency exchange platform

Invest in Crypto Like a Pro

We contributed in developing Vonix into a web-based cryptocurrency platform that raises awareness about the ease of crypto trading and its related fields.

Beginner crypto enthusiasts can even learn to become professionals with a feature called Star80. We have a team dedicated to handling UI, UX, and system design in Vonix so that it can compete with similar platforms in the industry. We also offer art direction for the website so that the illustrations looks visually appealing.

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As a new cryptocurrency exchange platform, Vonix aims to raise awareness about cryptocurrency and its implementations in a simple way.

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As of right now, we have assisted Vonix in developing their own web-based crypto exchange platform that enables beginners and experienced traders to do their transactions in an easily understandable manner with a feature called Star80.

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How We Help Vonix

We tasked a dedicated team to handle their website’s UI, UX, and even system design, so that Vonix can definitely compete with similar platforms and provide the best experience possible.

Aside from that, we also offer art direction for the website in order to make the illustrations visually appealing on every device.

It is our honor to be a part of their early journey in serving all kinds of crypto traders, from beginners to experts. Today, Vonix continues to grow, and we were more than happy to build the foundation.