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With us, you can focus to envision the website and the mobile apps for your business while we ensure the design is available that meets your business objectives and expectations

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Vanguard Subscription

6-Months Contract
10% OFF
Annual Contract
15% OFF

Digital Product Design

Rp 28,899,000/month
Rp 26,009,100/month
Rp 24,564,150/month
USD 2,000/month
USD 1,779/month
USD 1,679/month
What will you get?
1 Brand/Product
Product Manager
1 Platform (iOS/Android/Web)
UI/UX Designer
Unlimited Request & Revision
Custom UI Icon Designs
Weekly Product Meeting
Figma Source File
Interactive Hi-Fi Prototype
App Icon
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Digital Product Design + Webflow

Rp 43,899,000/month
Rp 39,509,100/month
Rp 37,314,150/month
USD 3,000/month
USD 2,689/month
USD 2,579/month
What will you get?
Everything in Digital Product Design
Front End Development
Webflow Development
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Vanguard Custom Project

Fixed price. Scope based project.

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What will you get?

1 Platform (iOS/Android/Web)
2x Major Revision
Weekly Product Meeting
Custom UI Icon Designs
UX Writing
Interactive Hi-Fi Prototype
Custom Illustration for Web/Apps
Product Discovery Sessions*

Included: Product Requirement Document, List of Features, User Stories, Sitemap, Screens, Moodboard/Style Tiles

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Vanguard Assembly


Providing high standards UI/UX designers for you.

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What will you get?

Fully dedicated UI/UX designer
Highly trained designer
Tightly selected talents
Wide range of experience
Monthly flat subscription fee
Minimum of 1 year's contract
Includes all work equipment
Designers’ resumes and portfolios will be shared
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