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Get In the Flow

Start with the End in Mind


We’ll sit together and align the vision about your product. Set the objectives straight and strive to accomplish them. Once we all agree about it, we should also define the true success indicator of your product.

End In Mind

Setting Up Your Product Roadmap


Just like every journey, we’ll need a map or a guideline so we don’t get “lost”, especially in developing a digital product. Therefore, we’ll create a product roadmap for development and business purposes. You can also share and consult your plan with us, for we’re more than happy to help.


Delivering Great Experience


Providing the best experience is our top priority. We’ll decide what’s best for the user persona, journey, and flow. The wireframing begins here, and then we’ll have a lo-fi prototype.

Delivering great experience

Presenting Charmful Design


If all goes well, it's time to give the visuals a makeover. This process results in a hi-fi prototype, which will later be ready for handover and further development as you need.

Presenting Charmful Design

What They Say About Us

Our design quality has been significantly improved right after we subscribed to VanguardCX. They also give consistency in terms of branding. With a great work ethic and spirit of collaboration, we hope to create more fresh and creative contents.

Juventia Vicky Photo
Juventia Vicky

President of Hacktiv8 Indonesia

We are accelerating better than ever, and it feels like we’re growing into a bigger team. Our website, especially, does look and feel better in terms of the UI and UX aspects, thanks to the great advice from VanguardCX. Overall, everything has been executed very well, and we look forward to doing more great things with VanguardCX.

Endra Masagung Photo
Endra Masagung

Chairman of DompetKilat

It has been a great pleasure working with VanguardCX for the past 2 years. We have always found that the team at VanguardCX provide just the right balance of professionalism, creativity and customer service to suit our needs. Having undertaken a number of projects with them, they have listened carefully every time to the brief and come up with something that hits the spot across a range of projects.

Amelia Hendra
Amelia Hendra

Commercial Group Head of Siloam Hospital group